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When you’re on vacation,

your Doggie deserves a vacation too!!!


So send them to us as they have a fun filled time when you're away with no worries. So Unless it's bedtime or dinner time, your little Paw friends will be busy with a full day of play and unlimited fun before spending the night fast asleep in a safe and comfortable surrounding with unconditional love 24/7.

Staying away from home has never been so much fun! 




Small Dogs : $70

Medium Dogs : $80

Large Dogs : $90

X-Large Dogs : $95



House Rules

* Check In Time :  8.30am - 5.00pm

* Check out Time by : 1.00pm 


 All Boarding includes full Daycare with 2 Daily outdoor walks 

 Second dog gets a 5% discount and Third Dog gets a % discount 

 Fur babies staying with us for more then 7 days gets a free

bath and dry before check out

Fur babies staying with us for more then 14 days will get a

swimming, bathing and drying


 A fee of $10 will be charged for late pick up of 30 mins past the pick up time

Late pick up After 40 Mins will be an additional charge of Half daycare according to size. 

 Food will need to be provided by owners 

 Transportation is available for pick up and drop off 

prices are based according to locations starting at $10 and up

 All dogs need to be up to date with vaccines,

A copy of the updated vaccine card will be requested upon arrival


It is mandatory for All dogs to be checked for Flea & Tick during

Check In / Out by our staff

 This is necessary as it will help to maintain a parasite-free environment for your doggies to enjoy with no worries .

Thank you for understanding!!! 

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