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* 40 Mins Swim Followed by

 a Bath and 70% Dry



working hard

and worrying about

your fur babies alone

at home

while at work or away !


Have your Fur Babies

enjoy a

30 or 60 minute walk

every day of the week

with lots of love,

fresh air,

some sun and

exercise with us !

30 Minutes : $30.00
60 Minutes : $58.00
A extra $15 for
public holiday applied 
* A 2nd Dog will be charged at 5% off
* A 3rd Dog will be charged at 10% off



Going away

and need

someone to

come over

to your place

to watch

your fur babies

while you're

away for

a few hours

a day ... 

To feed

your doggie

Change new

fresh water

Bring your

doggies for




if required

water plants 

30 Minutes : $40.00
60 Minutes : $75.00

* A 2nd Dog will be charged at $35.00
* A 3rd Dog will be charged at $25.00

A extra $15 for
public holiday applied 



When you’re on vacation,

your Doggie deserves

a vacation too!!!

Staying away from

home has never been

so much fun! 

So send them to us

as they have a

fun filled time

when you're away with

no worries. 


- Boarding

Includes Daily

Outdoor Walks with

fresh air 

- Lots of fun during the day

with full Daycare.

- So Unless it's bedtime

or dinner time,

your little Paw friends

will be busy with

 full day of play

and unlimited fun

before spending the

night fast asleep in

a safe and

comfortable surrounding

and unconditional

love 24/7. 

Small Dogs : $ 70 

Medium Dogs : $ 80

Large Dogs : $ 85

X-Large Dogs : $95


* All Boarding

includes Daycare if

doggie are alright to

interact with others

* 2  Daily

outdoor walks 

* Second dog gets a

5% discount

* Fur babies

staying with

us for more

then 14 days gets

a free swim

with bath and dry 

* Fur babies staying

for 7 days and above 

gets a free bath

before checkout 

* Below 7 days there 

isn't a free bath

* Check In Time by

8.30am - 12pm

* Check out Time

9.00am - 1.00 pm 

After 1pm - 5pm there

will be a late check out

of $30

After 1pm to 6pm there

will be a late check out

of $45

After 6pm it will be

charged as full day

of boarding

* Food is available at

$3 per meal (kibbles)

* Transportation is available

for pick up and drop off 

prices are based

according to locations

* All dogs need to be

up to date with vaccines 

All documents below will

be needed before boarding

*A copy of the latest

vaccine card

* AVS License Number

* Microchip Number 

* A photo of the 

latest tick prevention 

done before boarding 

will be needed

*An Additional of $15.00

will be charged

for all eve, public hoildays

and off in lieu

* There will be No check in


Check out on all Hoildays

papi swimming.jpg



For dogs who

love to swim,

Playing in the water

has many benefits as

Swimming is an

all-around healthy

activity for your dog.

It provides everything

from exercise to

stimulation, and a

needed release for

all that energy

dogs have, It also

helps with Weight loss ,

Cardiovascular fitness

Increased stamina

& fitness, 

energy it helps

to Improve


and Playtime

retrieving toys is

always fun in the pool

Dog's swimming

for the First Time

No Worries !

we've got life jacket 

which allows them

to join in

on all the fun in the


BATH & 70 % DRY 

 Small Dogs : $50
Medium Dogs : $55
Large Dogs : $60
X-Large Dogs : $65

Packages : 

( 5 Sessions ) 
* Vaild for 2 Months

Small : $240
Medium : $265
Large : $290
X-Large : $315
( 10 Sessions )
* Vaild for 3 Months

Small : $470
Medium : $520
Large : $570
X-Large : $620

* All Swim is supervised

by our staff,

A staff will always

be in the pool 

together with your

dog and will be

watched closely at

all times

* All Dogs need to

be up to date with

vaccines - A copy of

the updated

vaccine card

will be requested

* Transportation is also

available for 2 way

with prices based


to locations 

*Bookings for


will need to be

made a day in






is the perfect

option for dogs 

who loves running,

jumping, chasing,

going for walks

and just having fun,

It also helps them

to have some

socialization around

other dogs and people ! 

Drop your dog off

to play while you’re

at work or out running

errands and enjoy

a quiet evening

with an exhausted,

happy Doggie ;)

Full Day :

Monday - Friday

( 8.30am - 6.00pm)

Saturday - Sunday 

( 9.00am - 4.00pm )

Small : $50

Medium : $55

Large : $60

X - Large : $65



Hourly Daycare

is also Available :

Min. 2 Hours

Small Dogs : $15/Hr 

Medium and Large

Dogs : $20 / Hr

 Packages : 

( 5 Sessions )
* Vaild for 2 Months
Small : $240
Medium : $265
Large : $290
X-Large : $315
( 10 Sessions )
* Vaild for 3 Months

Small : $470
Medium : $520
Large : $570
X-Large : $620

( 20 Sessions )
* Vaild for 3 Months

Small : $900
Medium : $1000
Large : $1100
X-Large : $1200

* Daycare Includes
outdoor walks 
* Second Dogs get
a 5% Discount from the same

* A $5 for 30 mins
Late fees will be
applied after pick up hours
* Food can be provided
if required for $3 per meal

* Evaluation is done on the
1st day of daycare

* All Dogs need to be up
to date with vaccines

* Transportation is also
available for
2 way with Daycare
with additional rates
according to location,



Grooming maintains

a healthy coat

and skin. Regular

nail trims not only

help keep the nails

short but helps

reinforce healthy

foot structure

and posture, and

reduces the risk

of infection. Your

pet will look and

smell great. 

Regular visits may

result in early

detection of issues

with ears, skin,

teeth and more.

Let your dog get




Small dogs : $50
medium dogs: $60
Large Dogs : $80
x-large dogs :$90



Small dogs : $70
medium dogs: $85
Large Dogs : $120
x-large dogs :$140

* Grooming with

Transportation is


* Prices goes


to location 



As paw parents,

we want to be able

to bring our fur babies

everywhere we go but not

everyone has a car in

singapore and taxi's are

abit harder to take with dogs so 

No worries we got

you covered !!!

wanna bring your

doggie to the beach,

outing or anywhere

in singapore.

Let us know...

and we will be there.

Anytime of the week

rain or shine 24/7

Pricing goes according

to locations.

Do contact us for

details and pricings


Birthday party

for your fur babies 

Need a place to celebrate your paw babies birthday! Look no further.... We got you covered to throw your fur babies a great birthday party!

Enjoy a Private Party with your furbabies and loved ones !

  • 3 Hours of  usage of our large play area ith ample of space for your furies to play and run around

  • Large cake for dogs with 6 cupcakes 

  • Medium Human cake 

  • Soft drinks for 20 People 

  • Party Supplies ( Plastic Forks,Spoon, Cups, Plates, Napkins )

  • E-Invitation Birthday Card

  • Decoration of the place 

  • Ample photos will b taken during the event and uploaded on Instagram and Facebook 

Do contact us for more Birthday Packages 

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