Indoor Swimming Pool

For dogs who love to swim, 

Playing in the water has many benefits as Swimming is an all-around healthy activity for your dog.

It provides everything from exercise to stimulation and a needed release for all that energy dogs have, It also helps with Weight loss, Cardiovascular fitness Increased stamina & fitness, energy it helps to Improve confidence and Playtime retrieving toys is always fun in the pool 


Dog's swimming for the First Time No Worries!

We've got life jackets which allows them to

join in on all the fun in the water!


BATH & 70 % DRY 

 Small Dogs : $36
Medium Dogs : $46
Large Dogs : $50
X-Large Dogs : $56


( 5 Sessions ) 

* Vaild for 2 Months

Small : $165

Medium : $215

Large : $235

X-Large : $260


( 10 Sessions )

* Vaild for 3 Months

Small : $325

Medium : $425

Large : $465

X-Large : $525



* Swimming is supervised by our staff, A staff will          be in the pool together with your dog and

  will be watched closely at all times.

* Only Dogs are allowed in the pool no humans are      allowed except staff.

* Bookings slots for swimming will need to be made a    day in advance.

* Second Dog gets a 5% Discount, Third Dog will get        a 10% Discount, All dogs must be from the same          household to get a discount.

* Do take note that an additional time will be needed    for bath and drying after each swimming session of    40 mins.

* Transportation is also available for 2 way with

   prices based according to locations. 

* All Dogs need to be up to date with vaccines - A        copy of the updated vaccine card will be requested

Thank you for understanding!!!

House Rules